New Music Business System Reveals...

"How You Can Build An Army Of Fans That Are Begging To Buy Your Music, Helping You Quit The Rat Race To Share Your Music With The World"

Today is the day you decide what type of musician you are going to be.

Are you going to continue to be the musician that pours heart, sweat and tears into creating an album that no one hears?

Or are you going to take control of your music career and begin to make real money in the music business, creating great music and sharing it with fans that are ready and willing to spend their paychecks on products they are eagerly anticipating from YOU!

In Short, Are You Ready To Join The New Music Economy?

Greg Rollet and Gen-Y Rock Stars has been worked with or been featured on:

Greg Rollett Media

“I gotten over 113 new emails after taking Greg’s advice by using a squeeze page. My emails are averaging a 65% open rate instead of about 25%. I actually have made sales while sleeping instead having to hustle the streets selling CDs, thanks to the system I set up which I learned from the New Music Economy. I got so much value out of the New Music Economy.”
Quiet Entertainer, DJ and Performer from Memphis, TN

“I’ve been following what Greg has been releasing for a while now, and I can honestly say that my marketing skills have exploded. NME blueprint has by far been the most beneficial music related item I own. If you are serious about your music, listen to Greg. He knows his stuff and will get you to where you want to be.”
-Adam Hoek (musician and entrepreneur)

“Saving time and owning my own website in wordpress was the goal rather than relying on Bandzoogle, Band vista or Reverbnation. Finding Greg Rollett on Mashable, I contacted him immediately to check out what he was doing for the music business. The NME, showed me how to build my website and integrate a killer automated email system along with marketing strategies and personal engagement with fans that has proven to work. From creating video marketing to creating/selling products, and how to leverage an audience through social media… Greg is clear in his delivery with video, mind maps and workbooks to get the most from his action plan. And he is FUN to work with!”
-Paula Gallo the lead vocalist of KinkSlip

New Music Economy Videos

What Is The New Music Economy?

The New Music Economy is a music business and music marketing system that has been developed over the past 5 years blending Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing strategies and implementing them into the music business.

The result is 4 step-by-step actionable modules that takes a musician from where they are today to building a massive fan base, engaging with them and creating multiple streams of income to sustain their career in the music industry.

Let’s dig into each of the 4 modules:

Module 1: Your New Music Marketing Mindset

New Music Marketing Mindset

Over 25 minutes to change everything you thought you knew about marketing online. It will be a challenge, but in the end you will have established a new mentality towards marketing and your music career. In this module you will learn:

  • The easiest and most efficient 3-step marketing plan you never knew existed
  • Why writing for other people is the easiest and most effective way to drive hordes of pre-qualified fans your way
  • The real way to give away “free music” without sacrificing the integrity and value of your music
  • Why 100 fans on an email list are worth more than 1,000,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network

Module 2: Creating Products That Send Your Fans Into A Frenzy

Creating Music Products

If you have nothing to sell, you can never create income. This 50 minute mind blowing module will equip you with everything necessary to have a full suit of products without ever going to an expensive recording or video studio again. In this module we cover:

  • Why ordering CD’s from Discmakers is no longer your first option
  • How to make CD’s and DVD’s on command, collect money and ship them to your fans without ever touching a button or touching the product
  • How to very easily create residual income from the same website you have up and running right now
  • The camera that is changing the way online video is produced and it costs less than an XBOX

“I applaud Greg for having the balls to put a strategy for musicians together and offer it to the world. Is it just me, or does it seem like many experts keep making suggestions to the powers that be (in the record industry) while musicians sort of wait around hoping something will be figured out so that they can go back to dreaming about getting a sweet record deal. Greg studied internet marketing and took the fundamentals that are allowing others to make impressive incomes from home with only a laptop and applied it to the music business – giving musicians the chance to learn a model that can allow them to quit the day job and make music full time.”
Mike from

“I know what it’s like to be a struggling musician. And I know what it’s like to give up. It’s a tough game to play, and almost all the cards are stacked against you. The New Music Economy will change everything you and your band are doing on a daily basis, and show you exactly how to focus your efforts on what matters – getting fans (in a way that will pay your bills)!”
Will Duke from

Module 3: Creating Content To Build Your Fan Army

Creating Content

Now that you have a music and internet marketing mindset and have created the products that your fans love, you need to start getting their attention. This is where we want to maximize your time and explode your results. Time is the most valuable asset we have in our lives and using every second to where it counts the most is your number one objective. This 47 minute module will show you:

  • The most effective forms of driving traffic without spending a dime of your own money
  • How to save hours of your time when uploading your content and getting it syndicated all over the internet in seconds
  • How to leverage O.P.B. and O.P.A. to grab traffic from highly valuable websites
  • How to find where your fans are hanging out online and get them to come hang out with you without being annoying

Module 4: Breaking Down The Sales Funnel Of The New Music Economy

Music Selling System

Everything is in place. Now it’s time to start building your business by selling your stuff. From your music to your DVD’s to merch and memberships, this module brings the house down and reveals the new music money making system for artists in today’s industry. In this intense video you will learn:

  • How you can turn a casual fan into a long term paying customer and super fan
  • How to segment your lists so only that the fans that want your offers will get them
  • The right way to position your blogs, features, reviews and other content to “pre-qualify” fans before they come to your site
  • How to use software to automate the entire sales process so you can sell your music in your sleep

“Greg has adapted a brilliant way to teach independent musicians how to become entrepreneurs.”
Wicked D from

“Greg is the Frank Kern of the music marketing niche.”
Ian Clifford from Make It In Music

Yes Greg, I Am Ready To Stop Making Music For Fun! Sign Me Up For The New Music Economy So I Can Join The 100′s Of Artists Making Their Dream Living As A Professional Musician!

My investment is only $47 today and I get instant access to all 4 modules + a 60 day money back guarantee.

Will The New Music Economy Work For My Music?

The New Music Economy philosophy has been used on 100′s of indie musicians and artists on major labels as well, from Cash Money to Warner Bros,New Music Economy Videos Monstablokaz Entertainment, PolyPlat Records and used to work with industry heavy weights like ReverbNation, SoundOps, AudioLife, Indie Music Tech and have been featured in Mashable, FOX News, Affiliate Summit, Hypebot and more.

What’s even better is that it has been used in every genre across the world from hip-hop artists to singer/songwriters, DJ’s, jazz musicians, wedding bands all the way to producers and street performers.

Bottom line, is that when you take action with these strategies, it changes your music career.

And you can join for a one time investment of only $47 today.

This includes all 4 modules, the videos, the workbooks and the proven system to changing musicians from day job working depression to living out their dreams.

Hear what some others have to say about the NME:

“Watching Your “New Music Economy” video – f*&^ing dope work, no lie. Thank you for existing.”
Justin Boland, artist and owner, World Around Records

“I’ll be blunt with you, Greg is one of the leaders in the digital music space. Greg likes to talk about this “new music economy” we are in right now. I think he’s onto something coming from the Internet Marketing and Entertainment worlds. If you are serious about having a career in the music industry, one not dictated by the major labels, clear channel radio or any of the dinosaurs that can barely check their own email, then you need to check this out.”
Casey from

  • 5 Walk Through Videos. With over 4 hours of footage, Greg and the Gen-Y Rock Stars Team actually show you how to build your fans, make money selling your music and become a musician entrepreneur
  • 4 Step-By Step Action Workbooks. Every module comes with a workbook designed help you take action so you can see results that will help you achieve your music business goals quicker than you ever imagined.
  • How To Outsource Your Music Marketing Bonus MP3′s. Greg interviews Chris Ducker and Robert Granholm on how to use overseas virtual assistants to do your repetitive tasks for you while you focus on you music.
  • Outstanding Customer Support. Greg and the GYRS team are available via email to answer your questions about the NME and the strategies taught in the modules.
  • 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel like your career is going to improve after going through the New Music Economy, simply ask for a refund and you will get 100% of your investment back within the first 60 days of your purchase.

And you can join the New Music Economy for an investment of only $47 today!

Are you ready to take your music career to the next level for the cost of a Bar Tab after one of your shows?

And this won’t even give you a hangover! If it does, you get your money back. There is nothing to lose and a career in the music business to gain.

If “making it in the music business” is what’s keeping you up at night when you are wondering what to do next and how to take your brand to the next level…then I really look forward to meeting you and taking you along on this journey. See you on the inside.

To your success in the music business,

P.S. I know you come across many decisions in your life, especially when it comes to your career and your business. Do not let this pass you up. For the price of a tank of gas or a few sets of strings, you can see first hand how to build your brand and grow your business.

Everything is on us to deliver and you will not be disappointed. Come and grab the 4 modules, the workbooks and the action steps needed to thrive in the music business. You know the sales numbers – they are terrible. Playing local shows for your buddies is cool, but you need a real plan to pay the bills and create a career. I can help you and I want you to join us today.

You have nothing to lose.

P.P.S. We are only looking for Action Takers!

You must be willing to take action and apply the material presented in both the modules and the workbooks. Simply put, we want to help musicians who want to be helped. People who are action takers, people who will grab hold of this information, absorb it, and most importantly use it to achieve their every goal, ambition, and dream on a regular, continual basis.

Fact is, no matter how good our content is, it’s of zero value and holds no power unless you make a commitment to apply it, use it, and build your business like only YOU can.

With that said, if you are an Action Taker and you’re ready to start making huge strides towards building a leading brand in the music business – I look forward to welcoming you to The New Mu$ic Economy!

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We are supposed to tell you the typical results of our users. Through interaction with our customers of the Gen-Y Rock Stars, we have tried with all of our due dilligence to talk to as many customers as possible about their results. We have concluded that we have no idea what the typical results will be. But if you do invest in the New Music Economy, and apply yourself, you could be in for very ATYPICAL results, and that’s cool right?